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New Glow in the Dark Models!!! Every model glows.


The way NLO Glow works is simple. We use the same images as our traditional jigs. They have the same nearly indestructible finish. The entire jig will glow in the dark but it will be much more visible on the white/lighter color areas of the jig. Our Herring, Cigar Minnow and Pinfish all have a lot of white in the image so they glow the most. The squids will glow in the white areas as well making them look alive. Other species with contrasting colors will carry an extremely natural glow pattern just like nature intended. These are not ridiculous "light stick" glow but definitely- Glow in the Dark!!!


A slow pitch jig with great action on the drop. Made to mimic injured baitfish hanging in the water column. This product uses the most durable patented imaging system in the market! Available in 3 sizes and 13 fish styles.  Be sure to choose both from the drop down menus. 

NLO Fishing GLOW Scoop Jig

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